Kathrin Ganser – Short

Kathrin Ganser is a visual artist working with different media and text. She studied fine art at Halle University of Art and Design and Berlin University of Arts, and at Halle Martin Luther University, Faculty of Philosophy. She is currently a PhD candidate at Bauhaus University, Weimar. Kathrin’s research focuses on media images of photography and geo-media, emphasing the interplay of media aesthetics in technical images, exemplified in regard to city planning and urban spaces in Berlin. Kathrin contributed to z.B. – Praxisbasierte Forschung in Design und Kunst  published by Bauhaus-Universitätsverlag in 2013.


In the “How to show?” series she will present her ongoing project “Between Visualization and Visuality” by a selection of diverse, mostly photographic, and visual works: a ‘setting’ closely adapted to the exhibition space, aiming at raising questions about the space-related visualization of the actual project by its own means.


Contact: www.kathringanser.de