Jacqueline Wylie – Short

Jacqueline Wylie (Pollen Studios, Belfast, and ROGUE Studios, Manchester) has been an exhibiting artist since 1996. Drawing on her previous employment as an archaeologist she uses a conceptual, cross-disciplinary approach. Her work is often a response to historic buildings and landscapes, employing Guy Debord’s strategy of détournement, which suggests that all elements of the cultural past must be re- “invested” or disappear.


Wylie has regularly exhibited her art work in the UK (Manchester Art Gallery, 2003; The Walker Art Gallery; Liverpool Biennial, 2004) and further afield (London, New York, Norway, Japan). Her work has featured in e-zines and magazines (cover of the Woman Artists Diary, 2000; Stargazy Pie 2008/9 and 2011) and is held in several private collections. 


Jacqueline's current research explores the emergent creative potential of the internet and the mobile phone; testing the impact of hybrid methodologies on material (digital) practice, and questioning how we assign value to materials and processes that are cheap and easily available. Or to quote Sherry Turkle, "Immersed in simulation, where do we live, and what do we live for?"


Contact: wylie71@hotmail.com & twitter.com/JacquelineWylie &  facebook.com/jacqueline.wylie.18

For more information www.rogueartistsstudios.co.uk/artists.asp?g=8&key=53 or www.axisweb.org/p/jacquelinewylie & talkingandtext.wordpress.com