Fred Meier-Menzel – Short

Fred Meier-Menzel offers a multifaceted focus. Experienced in the field of academia as well as the industry, she is the former Head of Drawing at the German University of Cairo (GUC), founder of Atelier Fred, and the Aktsalon Drawing Society and Faculty of Applied Sciences, GUC. She now combines her expertise and focuses on Egypt and the study of the female body as reflected by gesture, language, and movement. Experiencing the political dimension during the 2011 revolution in Egypt, Meier-Menzel’s interest shifted towards the media image, politics, and representation of the human body.


Her works are likely to transgress the purely visual towards the visceral, using means of confrontation and the unexpected to find a way behind the image. In the making are four PhD chapbooks that present her techniques and topics. During the “How to Show?” series, Fred Meier-Menzel will continue her interactive tent installation, host for media capsule (Naked Body, video, 13:00 min), performance/s and two readings from the second and third PhD chapbooks on “Young, net based feminism in Egypt” and on “Politics and Art Education.”


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