Emma Campbell – Short

Belfast-born Emma Campbell is a trained Documentary Photographer (Newport, 2000), with more than a decade experience working in the London photo industry. Switching back to university Emma gained a MFA in Photography from the University of Ulster, where she currently continues with a practice-based PhD, researching the impact of women's documentary photography in the UK.  Emma’s work has been shown at multiple galleries and festivals in London and Ireland during the last fifteen years. 


Emma herself deals with gendered themes. Focusing on the role of women in documentary photography as well as documentary photographic culture, investigating their ideas, critique, and modes of practice, she attempts to show how the history of women’s collectives can be revitalized. Using her own practice on abortion as well as trialling a woman’s photographic forum, she follows Women on Waves and Women on Web, sister organizations providing women with early medical abortion pills and advice where it is illegal. 


For the series Emma plans on film screenings and public discussions around these illegal, international interventions.


Contact: campbell.emma@gmail.com & emmacampbell.co.uk