Beatrice Jarvis – Short

Can creative choreographic material become social research resource? How is the experience of the city translated into the actions and reactions of the body? And - how far can site specific performance become a social medium for the study of the political and cultural shifts in urban terrain? BEATRICE JARVIS is an urban space creative facilitator, choreographer, and researcher. Her practice merges essential techniques in a sociological framework of critical perspectives, cultivating a unique stance point to practice based research. Beatrice is currently a visiting lecturer at various town planning and architecture departments in London and wider afield in Europe, developing a platform for the conceptual and physical integration of urban planning, sociology and choreography leading to practical social creative implementation and curation.


Key research presentations include: AAG: LA, TRAPA, London, dOCUMENTA 13, Bauhaus, Weimar, DFRI, Ireland. Exhibitons include; Jerwood Space, Rag Factory, UNAEC, Steven Lawerence Center.


For the “How to Show?” series Beatrice invites us to Performing Practice | The Choreography of Research - experimental and along the lines her research practice.


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