Andrea Theis – Research Statement

The main emphasis of my artistic practice lies on context-related, process- and interaction-based interventions into everyday cultures in the public space. Through their outward appearance they blend into the found situation, while simultaneously breaking away through an absurdity. Interaction emerges from the accidental, voluntary or non-voluntary, participation of the passers-by. These interventions make reactions on and behaviour to disruption of “normality” visible.


In the framework of my PhD project, I investigate the artistic strategy’s potential for qualitative inquiry in social sciences. Ethnomethodology, autoethnography, and performative social sciences – research strands which are often assessed as marginal by classical social science – show particular marks of quality and criteria, which can also be found in artistic research. Subjectivity, intersubjectivity, and performativity are key features for my reflections on four different art projects, which I have realized in the course of this research: A left luggage for everyday baggage, a camping site for commuters and precariously living people, a walk to places of fear and the disturbance of a tourist sight.