Andrea Theis – Short

Andrea Theis’s artistic practice is primarily concerned with context-specific interventions into everyday cultures in the public space combining the elements of process, platform, and participation. Since 1993 her work has been realized both nationally and internationally, in the framework of exhibitions and festivals, as well as in free, self-initiated projects. Andrea teaches and publishes on the topic; for example, z.B. – Praxisbasierte Forschung in Design und Kunst (Weimar, 2013), and Connection: Artists in Communication (Belfast, 2012, co-edited with Susanne Bosch).


Prior to her current PhD research with the University of Ulster, Belfast (NI) on the kinship of art and social sciences, Andrea worked as assistant professor on the MFA programme Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.

Her projects were, for example, realized in the framework of Caravan and Satellite, BBK Niederrhein; FIX ’11 – 9th International Live Art Biennial, Belfast (2011); Leben!, Worpswede (2007), OUT OF SITE, Dublin (2006–2007), and with the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast (2011).


For “How to Show?” Andrea will allow insights into her PhD-related thinking and working process, as well as her art work along the intersections of art and social anthropology: “How can I represent my process-based art projects appropriately? This query is as tender as it is thrilling, as pressing as it is pertinent, and certainly a constant companion. This is valid for the question about an adequate representation of artistic research too. I am occupied with both. I will try my hand at preparing suggestions, being around in person too.”