OPENING & ARTIST TALK, March 16, 7pm

Martin Krenn - World's End

EGFK & OKK|Raum29 present:
Martin Krenn – World’s End
Saturday 16 March – Sunday 24 March 2013


Opening & Artist Talk:      Saturday, 16 March 7pm

Opening hours:                Thu – Sun 3pm – 7pm,

                                         Fri 22March 3pm – 11pm  (Kolonie Wedding Weekend)



Prinzenallee 29

13359 Berlin

With his project World !s End, Martin Krenn focuses on a small Northern Irish village, located within a typical Irish landscape setting. For more than 100 years, the coastal area surrounding the village is occupied by a British military base; a circumstance that undermines the idyllic image. Aerial and satellite photography is prohibited, on internet services like Google Maps, the entire area and the village are nowhere to be seen. Krenn was able to obtain a permit from the British army to take photographs of the site and buildings in the military base.

Martin Krenn lives in Belfast and Vienna. His work investigates the mutual influence of political phenomena and their documentation. In his photographs and videos he applies a method, which documents events and spaces, but at the same time questions the truth claims of documentary practice.

World’s End is the fifth exhibition in the Identity & Politics exhibition series, a collaboration of OKK/Raum 29 and EGFK, presenting artistic research projects of PhD candidates.

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